Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Morning Briefing: Live by the Polls, Die by the Polls

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Live by the Polls, Die by the Polls
Corey Lewandowski learns the down side of working for a guy who believes that correctness is determined by polling.
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Donald Trump Lies and Backtracks over his Insane Gun Grabbing Comments (VIDEO)
Has Trump STILL not figured out that video record exists of almost everything he has said?
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Feds Release Partial Transcripts of Omar Mateen's 911 Calls
You won't believe the part they initially redacted.
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DOJ Reverses Course, Releases Full Omar Mateen Transcripts
After several embarrassing hours, common sense breaks out at the DOJ.
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Four Separate Gun Control Bills Hit the Senate Floor
Get ready for the all out blitz from the gun grabbers.
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How Much of Lewandowski's Firing was Due to Trump Family's Involvement?
Insider accounts of the shocking termination have caused some to openly speculate that Ivanka is really calling the shots in the Trump campaign.
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Arrest at Trump Rally Foiled an Assassination Attempt
Apparently the guy who tried to grab a policeman's gun at the Trump rally intended to use it on Trump himself.
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