Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Morning Briefing: Steve Bannon Is A “Nazi”?

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Howard Dean: Steve Bannon Is A "Nazi"
Leave it to Howard Dean to make Steve Beannon someone to defend.
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Are We a Nation Divided? A New Poll Suggests We Are
It's also readily apparent.
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General Mattis For Secretary Of Defense? Really?
It's not quite so simply, folks.
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Like Other Evils, Abortion Has Always Been Forgivable
Media continues to spin actions by Pope Francis as confirmation of their worldview.
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NC-Gov: State BOE Meets to Determine Next Steps in Close Contest
The State Board of Elections gave the lowdown on the race that is not yet over, where the fate of 2016's most important governor remains undecided, despite fake statements of victory for leftie spin doctors.
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