Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Morning Briefing: Trump Has Already Proven He Would Never Nominate an Actual Conservative to SCOTUS

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Trump Has Already Proven he Would Never Nominate an Actual Conservative to SCOTUS
What Donald Trump's ugly rant about the judge assigned to the Trump University case says about his "judicial philosophy."
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Google Doesn't Really Care to Honor the Fallen on Memorial Day
Let's put it this way: the Toronto Blue Jays did a better job of honoring fallen American soldiers than Google did.
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INEXCUSABLE: The VA Counting Live Veterans as Dead Now
Just when you thought the world's most inept government agency couldn't get any worse.
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SURPRISE: Trump's Attack on New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was a Lie
You'll never believe how many Syrian refugees have ACTUALLY been resettled in New Mexico.
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This Feels Less like an Election than the Establishment of a Religion
Let's be honest: this movie wasn't any better when it had Barack Obama in the starring role.
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Katie Couric's Pathetic Excuse for Deceptive Editing in Gun Documentary
Why are some people so incapable of just saying, "I'm sorry, I screwed up"?
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Remember Joseph Warren this Memorial Day
The astounding story of the founding father who died at the battle of Bunker Hill.
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