Monday, June 20, 2016

Morning Briefing: The NRA Publicly Rebukes Trump: His Ideas on Guns "Def[y] Common Sense"

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The NRA Publicly Rebukes Trump: His Ideas on Guns "Def[y] Common Sense"
The NRA is the latest contestant in the exciting game, "Let's see how you respond to the latest dumb thing Donald Trump said!"
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Watch: Jeff Sessions Tries to Walk the Line Between the Constitution and Trump's Gun Ban, and Fails
In case you were wondering, Jeff Sessions had his own experience with "you get to respond to the latest dumb Trump comment" over the weekend, too.
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Little Girl Firing an AR-15 Makes Daily News Reporter look like a Little Girl
Everyone point and laugh at the Cowardly Lion of reporters.
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Editorial: The Importance of Fathers
Things tend to go sideways when dad isn't around for his kids.
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Trump Thinks he can Win Without GOP Backing
Has he seen his polling numbers among Democrats and independents lately?
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VEEPSTAKES: Condi Rice Responds to Rumors of Possible Trump Nod
As much as these statements can be believed, this one is interesting.
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Man Tries to take Gun from Officer at Trump Rally
That, sir, is a good way to spend a long time in prison.
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BRAVE Man Endures AR-15 Recoil to the FACE to Prove How Traumatic it is
I'm sure the New York Daily News will give him a medal soon.
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