Thursday, June 2, 2016

Morning Briefing: Setting the Record Straight about Reagan's 1980 Campaign

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No, Ronald Reagan Didn't Launch his 1980 Campaign in Philadelphia, MS
The definitive response to a dumb smear that just won't die.
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The Trump Campaign Releases a Video Defending Trump University... that is Itself a Scam
The testimonials feature paid actors, Trump toadies, and zero people who are involved in buying and selling real estate.
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State Department Admits they Lied about Lying and Tried to Cover it Up
When Jen Psaki is involved, things are ALWAYS about to go sideways.
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CLAIM: IRS Commissioner Cannot be Impeached Because "Gross Incompetence" is Protected
When this is your defense, it's probably best to just resign.
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SCOTUS and Trump's Last Ted Cruz Birther Case
The Ted Cruz birther issue is finally dead. And not a moment too soon!
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David French's Potential Third Party Run and the Female Vote
How the French Revolution might affect the women's vote.
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Trump University, Veterans' Charities, and the Willful Suspension of Disbelief
You COULD believe what Trump says about the two scandals that embroiled his campaign yesterday. Or you COULD believe your common sense.
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