Sunday, July 31, 2016

Morning Briefing: RESULTS: The Conventions Are Over … Begun, The Groan Wars Have

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Your Sunday Morning Weekly Poll Results: The Conventions Are Over … Begun, The Groan Wars Have
The conventions are over, the one hundred day sprint is underway, and it's time to see what the latest poll results tell us about our nation, our future, and which sandwich-board sign you should wear as you warn strangers of the end of days.
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The NFL Calls Trump Out On ANOTHER Lie
This is routine. He routinely does this.
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Reminder: Nothing The Trump Campaign Says Is Binding
His positions aren't positions. They're just temporary, convenient sentences.
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You Will Not Believe What Trump Said About How He Has Sacrificed For His Country
It is beyond shockingly preposterous how much he gets away with.
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Influential Koch Brothers Remain Unmoved By Appeals To Support Trump
But not for lack of trying on the part of the Trump campaign. Or his VP. Or the RNC. Etc.
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