Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Morning Briefing: We Will Probably Never be Rid of Islamic Terrorism

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We Will Probably Never be Rid of Islamic Terrorism
Adjust your expectations accordingly.
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NRCC Panics as House Freedom Caucus Refuses to Fund its Own Defeat
The most important intra-party battle being fought right now has nothing to do with Trump.
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Even FOX Thinks Hannity Went Too Far Shilling for Trump This Time
Which means it's way past time for an intervention.
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Gloria Steinem Thinks that Killing Babies Will Help Save the Planet
Never forget that what environmentalists and feminists really hate is people.
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Banning Skittles Won't Stop the M&Ms Who are Already Here
Okay, the candy metaphors are getting a bit out of hand, people.
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Chelsea Bomber's Father First Reported Him to the FBI for Terrorism in 2014
I know the FBI gets a lot of tips, but when a guy is calling in his own son...
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