Monday, October 24, 2016

Mid-Day Snapshot

Mid-Day Snapshot

Oct. 24, 2016

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Clinton Ally Aided FBI Official's Wife []
A New Climategate Scandal? []
Socialist to Run UN for Next 5 Years []
DOJ Told Feds to 'Stand Down' on Pipeline Protests []
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Quote of the Day
"Those who are in favor of abortions argue that the contents of a woman's womb are hers to deal with as she wishes. In a sane world, that would be universally dismissed as the silliest sort of sophistry. By that reasoning, that same woman would have every right to kill a dog or cat simply because it had been fed and sheltered in her home for two or three or, let us say, nine months." —Burt Prelutsky

The Foundation
"Although our prospect is peace, our policy and purpose are to provide for defense by all those means to which our resources are competent." —Thomas Jefferson (1806)
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