Friday, February 3, 2017

Morning Briefing: You Can’t Declare "Success" (Or "Hitler") In Three Weeks

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You Can't Declare A President A 'Success' (Or A "Hitler") In Three Weeks
Even as someone who didn’t support Trump and who still has reservations about him, I have found the reaction of the Democrat party and the rest of the far left completely asinine. Their dishonest histrionics are offensive and they all but drown out any serious criticism of Trump. They have created an environment with so much background noise that rational discussion has become all but impossible.
I don’t think anyone on the right for whom suppor
But it's plenty of time to see which people are acting like idiots.
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A Further Response to NRO's Andrew McCarthy on Trump's Immigration Order
Patterico delves deeply into 'the legal esoterica underlying the President's order.'
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Matthew McConaughey Has A Message About Donald Trump
Interesting. Maybe he reads RedState.
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