Monday, September 26, 2016

Morning Briefing: Hillary v. Trump: Round One

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Hillary v. Trump: Round One
This could be the nastiest - or the nicest - debate you've ever seen.
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Is the Race Slipping Away from Hillary Clinton?
Hillary Clinton needs to do something to change the direction of the race - but does she have it in her?
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Washington Post: Hey, If a Few of You Get Killed by Terrorists, That's No Big Deal
Sorry, but our moral superiority is worth way more than the lives of a few of you plebes.
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What Cruz Didn't (Couldn't) Say in his Endorsement of Trump
If you read it closely, there was one important element missing.
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Will Gennifer Flowers Have Company at the First Clinton/Trump Debate?
In the business, this is what we refer to as a "race to the bottom," ladies and gentlemen.
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One Weird Fact about the "Hispanic" Shooter at Cascade Mall
You'll never be able to guess what it is.
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