Saturday, December 31, 2016

Morning Briefing: The Top 10 Political Rivalries Of 2016

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The Top 10 Political Rivalries Of 2016
What a year.

10. Donald Trump vs. Jeb! Bush

This is the political rivalry that really made all of this madness possible. Jeb Bush, who was clearly the Establishment favorite to win the nomination for the Republican Party, found himself against a surprisingly stiff grassroots resistance that backed Trump. The real estate mogul attacked Jeb on every subject he could think of – Common Core, his wife, imminent domain (for some reason) – and came out on top in the end when Bush had no choice but to withdraw from the race.

9. Chris Christie vs. Marcobot Robio

Chris Christie was every bit the attack dog at times we all knew him to be. He was fierce in his attacks, and his final barrage was against Marco Rubio in a live debate. Christie attacked Rubio (rightly so) on the near-robotic nature of his talking points. He so flustered Marcobot Robio that the latter actually didn’t retaliate, but gave a virtually identical talking point, which Christie gleefully pointed out and mocked him over. It crushed anything else Rubio would get to say in that debate, and Christie would victoriously fold his campaign not too long later and begin supporting Donald Trump.

8. Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump

When it comes down to conservative grassroots, there were very few who were liked as much as Ted Cruz was. However, the utter strangeness of Donald Trump’s appeal to the grassroots led to a fierce battle between the two candidates, with Cruz more or less struggling to win the people who loved him right up until Trump came along. Cruz’s mishandling of Trump from the get-go (supporting him, then fighting against him) proved fatal. Cruz was suddenly hated by large swaths of the conservative base as they flocked to support the loud and politically incorrect businessman instead. He never recovered.
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